Email Marketing for Small Business

Are you a small  business owner ?email-marketing-

Perhaps you are an electrician, plumber, restaurant owner, hairdresser or an owner of one of the many thousands of small businesses.

How many emails do you receive each day?

If you are like me then probably too many! but does your business use email to stay in touch and promote your services?

Many large online companies like Amazon use promotional emails to market, and sell products.

However when was the last time your local  restaurant or hairdresser .etc.. asked for your email address, or sent you an email?

Email is still regarded as the most cost effective marketing tool on the Internet.

Not only that, it is inexpensive compared to almost all other online marketing methods, and it is relatively easy to do yourself.

It is used to primarily to:

  • Send offers and promotions
  • Stay in Touch -email newsletters

Welcome to This Website and Getting started

The aim of this site is to explain as clearly as possible how to use Email  to successfully promote your small business on the Internet.

If you are completely new to email marketing then see Introduction to Email Marketing for Small Business. This will introduce you to email list building and email list management tools.

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